Day: February 26, 2007

Welcome traveller, this is the Dark Pit….

Wellcome to my Blog. This is my first attempt at something like this and it is the very first time that I finally have an Home Page for all the stupid things that I find usefull, interesting, annoying and so on in my life. This blog will soon be full of life: Software, Art, Martial Arts, Metaphisics and much more. I’ll also spend a lot of my time writing down articles about informatica problems, reguarding Mac OSX or, specially, Linux. I use Ubuntu for the moment… no Windows, lucky me, in my life. I’ll try to share all of the works I created with the world, any kind of work, even those related to my University! I’m allready a Civilian Engeneer and am now studying to graduate in Architecture and Building Engeneering. Why do I do it? I asked myself the same question too many times…. the answer is, most of the times, I have no clue!

Have a nice stay in my blog.