Day: February 27, 2007

The Beryl Dream Aquarium!

25 March 2007For anyone who might have tryed before following my tutorial but with no success, I’ve made a major update. So go to the link below and read the new changes. Basically, if it didn’t work, you just needed a dll file available from the Dream Aquarium Windows 200 download page. Read more on my How-to in Spiral Monkey’s website. I created a preconfigured Crossover Bottle too. You can downlad it from Here. Then go to the how to andinstall the bottle into Crossover, set the resolution and Dream Aquarium is redy to rock!!!! My post even became a sticky on the Forum :)

19 April 2007

The User Neaveru created a post in his blog where he’s working on a way to have Dream Aquarium working as a desktop animated background, after installing it with my How-to! I suggest you to jump on his forum and have a look at the nice youtube video and pics he posted! Nice work Neaveru, everyone of us was wishing to have DA working that way! :)

20 April 2007

On a post I created in the Ubuntu Forum you can find some nice indications on how to run Dream Aquarium on Wine with the Manual Installation of my how-to, instead of using Crossover. You can read the post here.

20 April 2007

If you’re looking for a way to automatically have Dream Aquarium installed in your Linux PC, then just read this post of mine. You’ll be ready in no more than 5 minutes :)

16 August 2007

Weird, seems like I didn’t update this post the moment the good news happened…. Well, let’s do it now. Neaveru really succeeded some time ago to have Dream Aquarium and ANY OTHER WINE application run as a desktop background in Linux using a composite manager such as Beryl and a tool he created! For a complete how-to on how to achieve this amazing result and have, for example, DreamAquarium as a desktop screensaver, READ MY GUIDE HERE!

Ever dreamed about having an Aquarium inside the Beryl Cube? I did, for real. I mean that, some nights ago, I really dreamed about having a 3D aquarium inside my Beryl Cube… but it was a dream. then I woke up and posted on the Beryl Forum about this dream:

Click here to read the post!

So everybody sayd it was impossible. Well, I did something very similar to it. The aquarium is not INTO the Cube, ok, but at lest it is ON the cube! :)

There are no decent Aquarium Screensaver for Linux. Atlantis is the only one and it is really… well, I don’t whant to insult anyone :( So I started from this problem and decided that I had to make a Windows Aquarium Screensaver work under Linux. Wine is out there, so, no problem about it… not exactly.

I had a look around and Dream Aquarium looked like the best Aquarium Screensaver around by far. Now everyone can have a fantastic Aquarium on they’re Beryl Cube, since I also wrote an how-to in the Dream Aqaurium Forum! So, what are you waiting for? Download this gorgeous Screensaver and start building your Cube aquarium!

Here’s a pair of youtube videos I created using the Video Capture Plugin for Beryl… fantastic plugin, have a look at it too.