Month: August 2007

Cute little Kitten VS Apple MacBook!

Now, tell me if this isn’t cute:


I was playing on youtube when I saw this video! It’s crazy, incredible, I love this :D

You should all know that I’m a Mac fan (I only use Macs, and I install on each of them Ubuntu too :D ) so this video kinda makes me suffer too :\

That’s just because I can’t imagine how can someone let his cat do THIS to a wonderful MacBook!! Argh!! He he. Well, in the page of the video there are also really stupid minions, call them trolls if you like, saying things like: “Macs are only good for your cat to play with them, cause they are crap” and so on..

I really ask myself: are they actually so stupid and ignorant as they look or do they just act, paid by Redmond? Well, in both cases, it’s really sad that such arrogant ignorant kiddies exist in this world… they say that the world is nice because it’s full of different kind of things… somethings shouldn’t just exist at all, like this kind of people.

If you want to have a know-why of some reasons for this comment I gave here, read THIS article I wrote about Vista and this Review of Ubuntu on a MacBook!

As for the kitten, poor Mac (This kind of computers are not only the greatest computers on earth, they also are something really precious, like gems), but the pet is something tooooo much lovable :D

Key Signing Party Logo for your event

A lot of LUGs out there use to organize events such as a Key Signing Party.

Key signing party transparent

What if you don’t have a logo? Well, use mine :)

Hope you like it. I release an xcf version (Native Gimp format, multilayer) and two .png, one transparent and the other one with a white background. Enjoy! In either case, downloading the .xcf, you’ll be able to choose which layers to activate.

I created this Logo for a Key Signing Party organized by the TILUG here in Pavia (I’m part of the TILUG too).

Key signing party opaque

At that time I was at the beginning of my Gimp and Opensource software adventure, so let me know what you think about it! Comments opened.

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Avant Window Navigator: a Bazar of new funcionalityes!

Well, before I start this review, you sure know AWN, do you?

Since AWN moved to Bazaar, it started having a bunch of new outstanding funcionalityes. A lot of bugs have been solved and a lot of new bugs appeared. I’m bug hunting a great number of bugs there in Launchpad, you should download this wonderful dock for Linux and try bughunting yourself as many bugs as you can! Sure the developers will fix them out if they’re pointed out by users. (more…)

Evolvotron for Ubuntu in Getdeb due to my request! Hyppy!

Just a short post to tell you that now you can find the wonderful evolvotron in getdeb too!

evolvotron in getdeb

I wrote them a letter asking for it to be available in they’re site and here’s my letter and the answer (I reveived it 17/08/2007, sorry for posting it only today I have been too busy..):

sorry for the late reply.

The package is ready:

Best regards,

7 Aug 2007 12:55:21 -0000, thedarkmaster <>:

GetDeb contact message

Hello everyone, I just wanted to ask you if an Evolvotron package for Ubuntu could be created here. You know, there’s isn’t any at this time, looks like they don’t even know about evolvotron and this is a really killer application for me and others professional graphic artists. A debian version exsists but it requires dependendencyes on libc6 not satisfied in Ubuntu Feisty or any other, so it cannot install. I would donate for sure if you could make this great effort for the community §:)
Here’s the site of the evolvotron projet.

Well, what can I say? I’m very happy for this! Now it is even simpler to download and install this wonderful software :D !!!

Wubi, will say Goobye to Microsoft? Not really…

Well, the title kinda says it all if someone already knows this news… what are we talking about, you may ask instead? I’ll explain.


Lately there has been a pair of new strange softwares for Windows XP, very strange and unusual softwares indeed…. the first to appear has been Wubi and it was an incredible new to me. I tryed it on one of my friend’s PC with windows, call him Ciro. Ciro was afraid of partitioning the windows (NTFS) partition, because he basically knows almost nothing about informatics and he thought that the windows partition may have been erased or that the PC would have runt slower ( O_o !!!!!). Yes, really. Useless to explain him it was impossible, you know how this things work, I believe.

Now, Ciro did like my beryl effects on Ubuntu Feisty and his brother was on the way to destroy the entire HD and install Ubuntu just to have Beryl and to say goodbye to DRMs (One of his friends copyed him a number of MP3s with DRM and he was shocked that his PC was unable to play ’em… of course I told him, they belong to your friend! You can’t exchange a drm protected mp3 without cracking it… and on and on with the lesson… :( ….)

So I told the 2 brothers about Wubi, I just discovered it and tried it out on my virtual machine with a licensed winXP on it. They where enthusiast. Why is that? What does Wubi do?

1) It is a program installable in XP. You run it, tell him how much hard disk space to use, which language, which username and pass to use and which ubuntu distribution to use and it downloads Ubuntu and sets it up for you (You can also give Wubi a predownloaded iso file if you prefer or have no connection on the PC you’re installing Ubuntu into, and that was my case, but you’ll need the alternate iso). (more…)

Free Software Sticker Book? Wow!

Hallo people, I was casually surfing the net and look at what I found!!!

free software book

Now, isn’t this GREAT? Download it, Free Software Sticker Book is a pdf file with a very high resolution and guess what it contains? loads of Linux and GNU related stickers for every taste :D

This is a wonderful tool for you, for me and for my laptop, for everyone indeed! The art of the sticker is great in almost every case and this book is periodically updated with new art! You can contribute it for free emailing it at the devels of this piece of artwork :D

Imagine to print one of those wonderful Debian or Ubuntu stickers on a photographic high resolution sticky paper and then remove your windows logo from the non dell non apple laptop and substitute it with a wonderful logo from this Book! This is not only a wonderful eyecandy for your computer, it is also a very useful way to help spreading Linux around your friends and with all the people looking at your laptop in general!

I don’t know you, but when I see a strange logo on another one’s laptop I always tend to try and look what logo is that… cause there are very few of those logos on PCs these days: winzoz, intel inside, nvidia, ati, what else? Now there are plenty more!

And in this book you’ll also find bigger logos with many others finalities, such as, stick one on your car ;)

Download and use it, people! I’ll stick one on this page now :D here I go: