Installing ArtRage 2 Free with Wine Doors

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Hello everyone, this post is to share with you my happiness about the simplicity with which any newbye can now install ArtRage 2 Free Edition in Linux with Wine-Doors thanks to my installer :D

For now only the Free Edition of Artrage 2 is available but expect the full version to have an automatic installer soon too. Here’s a screenshot of ArtRage beying installed

artrage installing in winedoors

Here’s the Menù Entry!

ArtRage2 Menù entry

And here’s another one of ArtRage 2 Free running :)

Art Rage 2 Running in Linux

Download Wine-Doors and try it now! You know, Painting Programs are a rarity for Linux, so I guess this is an important contribution since ArtRage is not very different from Autodesk Sketch Book Pro! (And it costs hundreeds of dollars while ArtRage 2 Full is only $20)

The installation is fully automated (As in any other Wine Doors installation) and all you have to do is clicking next several times, accepting the license, etc. :D ArtRage 2 Free Edition will installa utomatically and work without any issue of sort! Enjoy this great program and if you like it buy it, it is worth it, I love this tool!

5 thoughts on “Installing ArtRage 2 Free with Wine Doors

  1. The following errors were reported:
    Reported 1 time: Installation failed: Installing Application: ar2free version 2 returned 49408

    think you could please help? can’t figure out what this means

  2. hey bro, thanks for the info, currently trying to ditch vista for ubuntu…only thing ill miss so far is painter x and aftereffects..
    hopefully the combo of artrage and ps cs2 will do the job as far as pixel pushing goes…

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