Day: August 17, 2007

Art Of Cappuccino youtube Video Showcast


Hi everybody! This is a showcast of a complete theme for Linux I created: Art Of Cappuccino. It doesn’t want to be nothing but a video to show you how my new free theme looks :D
For this video, in Ubuntu Feisty, I used Compiz Fusion as I always do and to record it I used gtkrecordmydesktop (In Ubuntu, you’ll find it in synaptic ready for automated installation!).
Compiz Fusion didn’t run as smooth as it does normally but that’s because the angry of resources gtkrecordmydesktop was running. Hope you like my theme! You can download it for free and share it too freely!

“Wine Doors, ArtRage 2 Free and Linux: automated install!” Gone Sticky

Andy RageArtRage2 logo

I posted the GOOD NEWS about ArtRage and Wine-Doors in the AmbientDesign Forum, here:

Now Andy Rage replied me very cheerfully that the post has gone in the technical forum and sticky :D

This is such a useful post I felt it deserved to go in the Technical forum and made sticky so it stays at the top!

Thanks for that, DarkMaster. Excellent post.”

Well, I’m happy that I’ve been useful for this wonderful project and for every Linux user willing to have a freeware yet powerful Painting Program available for Linux! There are none at the moment, designed natively for Linux :(

The Full Version will be available in Wine-Doors too very soon! Stay tuned dudes ;D !