Day: August 18, 2007

Wubi, will say Goobye to Microsoft? Not really…

Well, the title kinda says it all if someone already knows this news… what are we talking about, you may ask instead? I’ll explain.


Lately there has been a pair of new strange softwares for Windows XP, very strange and unusual softwares indeed…. the first to appear has been Wubi and it was an incredible new to me. I tryed it on one of my friend’s PC with windows, call him Ciro. Ciro was afraid of partitioning the windows (NTFS) partition, because he basically knows almost nothing about informatics and he thought that the windows partition may have been erased or that the PC would have runt slower ( O_o !!!!!). Yes, really. Useless to explain him it was impossible, you know how this things work, I believe.

Now, Ciro did like my beryl effects on Ubuntu Feisty and his brother was on the way to destroy the entire HD and install Ubuntu just to have Beryl and to say goodbye to DRMs (One of his friends copyed him a number of MP3s with DRM and he was shocked that his PC was unable to play ’em… of course I told him, they belong to your friend! You can’t exchange a drm protected mp3 without cracking it… and on and on with the lesson… :( ….)

So I told the 2 brothers about Wubi, I just discovered it and tried it out on my virtual machine with a licensed winXP on it. They where enthusiast. Why is that? What does Wubi do?

1) It is a program installable in XP. You run it, tell him how much hard disk space to use, which language, which username and pass to use and which ubuntu distribution to use and it downloads Ubuntu and sets it up for you (You can also give Wubi a predownloaded iso file if you prefer or have no connection on the PC you’re installing Ubuntu into, and that was my case, but you’ll need the alternate iso). (more…)

Free Software Sticker Book? Wow!

Hallo people, I was casually surfing the net and look at what I found!!!

free software book

Now, isn’t this GREAT? Download it, Free Software Sticker Book is a pdf file with a very high resolution and guess what it contains? loads of Linux and GNU related stickers for every taste :D

This is a wonderful tool for you, for me and for my laptop, for everyone indeed! The art of the sticker is great in almost every case and this book is periodically updated with new art! You can contribute it for free emailing it at the devels of this piece of artwork :D

Imagine to print one of those wonderful Debian or Ubuntu stickers on a photographic high resolution sticky paper and then remove your windows logo from the non dell non apple laptop and substitute it with a wonderful logo from this Book! This is not only a wonderful eyecandy for your computer, it is also a very useful way to help spreading Linux around your friends and with all the people looking at your laptop in general!

I don’t know you, but when I see a strange logo on another one’s laptop I always tend to try and look what logo is that… cause there are very few of those logos on PCs these days: winzoz, intel inside, nvidia, ati, what else? Now there are plenty more!

And in this book you’ll also find bigger logos with many others finalities, such as, stick one on your car ;)

Download and use it, people! I’ll stick one on this page now :D here I go: