Month: September 2007

Geubuntu 7.04 Prima Luna has been released

Geubuntu Moonlight Logo

The time has come, Geubuntu 7.04 Prima Luna has been released and you’ll be able to download it straight away!

Here the Geubuntu Site, completely created and designed by me:

Geubuntu Home Page

On the website you’ll have every information you need about Geubuntu. This distro is not an official Ubuntu project and is very different by others E17 distributions like Elive and Elbuntu. The first one is a completely stable E17 desktop but it is a very old version of E17, hardly patched to work without bugs. Elbuntu is an Ubuntu release with ONLY the latest development version of E17, but since E17 is mainly working as a Window Manager, it is not usable alone. (more…)

Geubuntu is coming: fasten seats belts…

18 / 09 / 2007 Update! Geubuntu has been released, please download it and comment how d’you like it :) You can of course post in the forum to propose mods and any new sub-app / project. Visit th Home Page of Geubuntu too! Hope you’ll like it :D

Geubuntu Moonlight

Geubuntu 7.04 – Prima Luna

A newcomer is arriving in town. A new Gnu / Linux Live (And installable) distro. Not another useless one, not something you’re going to avoid downloading.

Geubuntu is something new, something untried still, something that may lead the way to new possibilities.

I don’t believe in a very positive effect of the existence of so many distros in the Linux world. Sure, plurality is a nice thing but new users can get confused by the existence of so many distros….

Unless you create something new, trying to follow a way yet to be completely tested. That’s what I tried to do with Geubuntu. You’ll see soon. Just know that this distro needs your help, since I’m not a programmer. I’m a designer and that’s all. So stay tuned, news are going to come soon.

I even hope that in the future the new ideas of Geubuntu will be appreciated by the Ubuntu project itself, so that Geubuntu may become a new flavour of the official Ubuntu. For now, it is just a new distro created by me :)

Geubuntu is a project hosted and hatched by the great Italian initiative: InTiLinux Projects. In it’s space Geubuntu finds it’s future Website and it’s hosting, plus its forum. If you’ve got interesting Italian programs needing the instruments to grow or if you just have an interesting and innovative idea to apply in the Open Source and Gnu / Linux community, than don’t hesitate and visit InTiLinux Projects.