Day: January 21, 2008

OpenGEU Luna Nuova Released: a bug-fixed, transitional edition

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Here it comes boys and ladies!

OpenGEU Luna Nuova

OpenGEU Luna Nuova

OpenGEU Luna Nova has finally been released after some days of waiting. We had to test fbpanel to release the new version of our distro, that’s why there has been some delay but it will be worth the wait, be sure of this :)

So xfce4panel is way and fbpanel is in. This is a lighter panel, it is less buggy with OpenGEU and it fixes the only bug left we knew about. If you still prefer Xfce4panel, you can still install it with our repos, just

sudo apt-get install opengeu-xfce4-panel

And set it to autostart with your session instead of fbpanel. You can set it using the E menù –> Configuration –> Configuration Panel –> stratup applications. Remember to remove from the list fbpanel and place opengeu-xfce4-panel there instead: find it in the System category.

OpenGEU is a transitional upgrade, between Geubuntu Luna Nuova and OpenGEU Luna Crescente, the upcoming release based on Ubuntu Hardy Heron. You’ll have an alpha iso soon to play with, don’t worry. For now OpenGEU Luna Nuova will be available as a torrent download only, please seed it (keep your torrent application opened after downloading OpenGEU and leave the iso where it is ;) ).

The E17 world has a number of new and exiting features coming up and we’ll be sure to provide everything good to you with our repos. So stay tuned since OpenGEU Luna Crescente will be a very nice release too :)

Keep on supporting and downloading our distro!

Be sure to download OpenGEU and copy it to your friends. If you already installed Geubuntu, instead, just upgrade to OpenGEU with a simple:

sudo apt-get install opengeu-desktop

and the installation will be automatic. If you don’t have the OpenGEU repos and want to install it from packages, please visit our WIKI.

About WIKI and forums, the addresses had to change, visit the pages of this website and bookmark the new links please. Very simply, every geubuntu name changed to opengeu. Not a big deal I guess.