Month: May 2008

How to create / manipulate a .deb file of a compiled application

Debian package

First of all, as I mentioned in the title, this post is about how to create or manipulate deb files of an already compiled application. In this topic I’m not going to explain you how to create a deb starting from source code :)

I’ll try to give you every possible indication in this article, if you miss some information but find the article interesting, please comment and ask me how to make things I failed to explain.

Not going to tell you what a .deb file is and what it is for, but you should really know that a deb is just a common archive in an .ar format, camouflaged with another name. So, right clicking on the deb file and choosing to open it with a common compressed files manager (such as file roller in gnome and OpenGEU) will work and show you the contents of the file. Now, you can modify an already existent deb file or create one from scratch. Should you prefer the second option, don’t be scared, it really is a simple task.


Leonardo’s and Ulteo’s Logos…

I think you all know of the interesting Linux Distribution Ulteo, crated by the Mandrake Linux creator Gael Duval (who has been fired some years ago by the Mandriva Corporation, started and created by himself…)
some years ago.. well, here’s the Ulteo Logo:

ulteo logo

Now, I used to have an email account in and to have access to is I now have to log to but, hey, what a surprise… look at their logo:

Uhm…. do you notice any similarity at all? C’mon Luca, you’ll say, you’re too malicious… am I?