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Everything about the communitary E17 base distro created by me: OpenGEU.

Opens the OpenGEU Blog

I delayed this new quite a bit but here it is, in the end the OpenGEU Blog. What is it? Quoting the site itself,

a new place were you will find a lot of news, articles, guides, rumors and a lot of interesting and cool informations, media, videos and other things about the E17, Gnome and OpenGEU world!

Visit it often, we’ll try to keep the Blog as much updated as possible. See the Legal page for informations about pictures, marks and media contained in this site.

I hope someone will help me mantaining it with fresh news, I’ll do what I can about it but the idea should be that of posting ever more interesting news about not only OpenGEU but the entire Enlightenment DR17 world :)

In reality, it is online since a lot of time now but I couldn’t update it, so I decided not to spread the news ;)

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

OpenGEU Luna Nuova Released: a bug-fixed, transitional edition

Update! Please Digg this story and help us spread the word about OpenGEU :)

Here it comes boys and ladies!

OpenGEU Luna Nuova

OpenGEU Luna Nuova

OpenGEU Luna Nova has finally been released after some days of waiting. We had to test fbpanel to release the new version of our distro, that’s why there has been some delay but it will be worth the wait, be sure of this :)

So xfce4panel is way and fbpanel is in. This is a lighter panel, it is less buggy with OpenGEU and it fixes the only bug left we knew about. If you still prefer Xfce4panel, you can still install it with our repos, just

sudo apt-get install opengeu-xfce4-panel

And set it to autostart with your session instead of fbpanel. You can set it using the E menù –> Configuration –> Configuration Panel –> stratup applications. Remember to remove from the list fbpanel and place opengeu-xfce4-panel there instead: find it in the System category.

OpenGEU is a transitional upgrade, between Geubuntu Luna Nuova and OpenGEU Luna Crescente, the upcoming release based on Ubuntu Hardy Heron. You’ll have an alpha iso soon to play with, don’t worry. For now OpenGEU Luna Nuova will be available as a torrent download only, please seed it (keep your torrent application opened after downloading OpenGEU and leave the iso where it is ;) ).

The E17 world has a number of new and exiting features coming up and we’ll be sure to provide everything good to you with our repos. So stay tuned since OpenGEU Luna Crescente will be a very nice release too :)

Keep on supporting and downloading our distro!

Be sure to download OpenGEU and copy it to your friends. If you already installed Geubuntu, instead, just upgrade to OpenGEU with a simple:

sudo apt-get install opengeu-desktop

and the installation will be automatic. If you don’t have the OpenGEU repos and want to install it from packages, please visit our WIKI.

About WIKI and forums, the addresses had to change, visit the pages of this website and bookmark the new links please. Very simply, every geubuntu name changed to opengeu. Not a big deal I guess.

In the last 7 days, Geubuntu reached the top in DistroWatch!!

Geubuntu rankings in the latest seven days

 Ok, please have a look at the above picture. It displays the ranking of visited pages in DistroWatch for any distro. You can go visit DistroWatch yourself and test this with your own mouse :)

Of course, with time things will change but, hey, this is an incredible Goal already. If we ask distrowatch to show us the ranking for the last 30 days, Geubuntu is in position number 12 but remember that Geubuntu 7.10 has been released on 06/12/2007 that is only six days ago!!

Ranking of Geubuntu in the latest 30 days

And on the popularity side it can deal with big distributions like Ubuntu, PC Linux OS Mint, Debian, etc. in the DistroWatch ranking system (based on how many visits does the distributions’s pages have). Imagine what could we reach in 30 real days :D

Now, even if you look in the “Last 6 months” we are not in a bad position: 64 and we are on DIstrowatch from less than a week :)

Wonderful. Thanks to everyone who is supporting Geubuntu and please, if you want us to survive in this massive download-rate world, please help us finding someone able to host our isos or donate to the project so that we can buy the space we need to host the iso :)

Also, if you read the review in Distrowatch about Geubuntu, remember that it is incomplete and based on the old bugged iso. We released an emergency bug-fixed iso too, that is the one you can find in our site right now. Of course, if you install Geubuntu from packages, you won’t experience those bugs either. We already warned them about it, we’re waiting for a response ;)

Thanks a lot for the attention!

Geubuntu Luna Nuova is out but the site is down!

UPDATE! The site is down due to excessive traffic. It will be online soon since I’m moving the repositoryes to Tuxfamily. Keep an eye on the main site for updates. On the news link I’ll post the new location of the repos!

For misterious reasons.. and that’s strange, we’re working on it, please hold on. While you wait for the site to be back online, you can download the new Geubuntu 7.10 Luna Nuova Live CD from here:

And don’t forget that you can also visit the Geubuntu WIKI from here:

As for the main site we’re working on it and still the reasons why it’s down are unknown. We’ll be back online soon :)

Remember that the WIKI has not yet been updated so if you just want to install geubuntu from packages just change Feisty with Gutsy in the repositoryes, from the How to install geubuntu from packages link in the docs section :)

Geubuntu in Cofundos: join the work and get paid for it!


Geubuntu Sunshine

Just a little Update, I digged the story so that it is spread much more faster. If you care about Geubuntu, please digg it too! See the Digg page HERE.

Hello everyone, I would like to let you all know that Geubuntu is now a Cofundos Project too. If you read my previous post, you’ll surely know how important Confundos is, in my opinion, for the entire Opensource Community. Please, visit the Geubuntu page in Cofundos, bid for new features if you cannot help in any other way. If you bid even only 5 dollars, and if a lot of people does the same thing, surely someone will become interested in Geubuntu soon and the new version will be released.

We need your help and if you care about Geubuntu, please spread the word, blog about Confundos and Geubuntu, post about it somewhere, place comments, write in forums, help us someway. Geubuntu and Cofundos need your help! This time you really have one chance to help us out!

You also have to remember that real money has been bidded for the creation of deb packages for Geubuntu. I bidded myself some money. If you visit the Geubuntu page in Cofundos, you can offer yourself for creating the packages that Geubuntu needs. Should you create working packages, you’d receive the money bidded. So, if you can create deb packages for us, you’ll even be paid. What are you waiting for anymore?

Opened the Geubuntu IRC Channel

IRC Channel

Hi all, the Geubuntu IRC Channel is now opened. You can visit it, join in and talk with us, when we are connected, or talk with everyone from our group aniway!

Please come in the channel and help us spread Geubuntu.


A new version, Luna Nuova (based on Gutsy), will be available only if the .deb packages that we need will be created. So we really need help. If you whanna help and are able to create deb packages, you can do it wight now! Please, if this is the case, visit this Link.

If you don’t know how to access an IRC Channel, you can follow this steps and use Firefox to do it! (more…)