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Art Of Cappuccino youtube Video Showcast


Hi everybody! This is a showcast of a complete theme for Linux I created: Art Of Cappuccino. It doesn’t want to be nothing but a video to show you how my new free theme looks :D
For this video, in Ubuntu Feisty, I used Compiz Fusion as I always do and to record it I used gtkrecordmydesktop (In Ubuntu, you’ll find it in synaptic ready for automated installation!).
Compiz Fusion didn’t run as smooth as it does normally but that’s because the angry of resources gtkrecordmydesktop was running. Hope you like my theme! You can download it for free and share it too freely!

Say Hallo to the Art Of Cappuccino 1.0 Complete Theme for Linux

02/01/2009 Update, I need your help, I lost the theme, that’s why it disappeared from the links and you cannot download it! A lot of people, though, have it for sure, I need help from those people! If you have any part of the theme, please visit this very important page and help me! Send me what’s missing!

25/08/2007 Update! Added the Art Of Dark Cappuccino AWN Theme :)

21/08/2007 Update! The AOC AWN Theme is now available for download :D ! Enjoy!

Update: To let people know about my release, I digged this article. Wanna help spread this theme? Digg it!

Hello everybody, I’ve just completed a Theme I was working at from several days in my very few spare time. This is the result:

Art Of Cappuccino

The Art Of Cappuccino Theme, I love it!

The Full Theme (Click to see the full package download site), created by me, is composed of: (more…)

Opensourcing K800I Themes!

And here you go with the “Code”! LOL :D

This is not code actually but surely it is the source for my Themes. In this package you’ll find all of the original pictures created by me for these themes using The Gimp! The pictures are in .xcf format, the main Gimp multi-layer format.

You’ll find png files for the very simple and basic things, common to all of the themes, with no multiple layers. As for the others pictures, in the multilayer xcf fileof every image you’ll find all of the layers used to create my themes. Activating or hiding a Layer will automatimatically generate for you the picture for each of my themes! If you are a graphic designer or just like to play with pictures then you know what I’m talking about.

Have a nice edit!!

Creative Commons License

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Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Introducing my Sony Ericsson K800i Ubuntu Feisty Themes

Ubuntu FeistyUbuntu Feisty No Logo

Well here they are. Take a look around and you won’t find any other Ubuntu Theme for the Sony Ericsson K800/K800i! That’s strange I thought because there are an incredible number of very well designed Windows XP and Mac OSX Themes around for this Phone!

I won this phone with Vodafone One points, and I have to say that this is an awesome phone indeed, with a built in Cybershot 3.2 MP Camera, filled with a lot of incredible effects and gadgets! A monstruously powerful flash, redeye remover, Macro functions, Best pic, Panorama and anything else you could espect from a semiprofessional camera.

It also has an incredible power and can run wonderful 3D games, plus it has a big screen and an astonishing resolution, so it can display games better than a GBA and when you make a photo and wanna send it in an MMS, it autoresizes the photo so that it fits the MMS maximum Kb amount! Just gorgeous and…

It supports awesome Themes. You can find ’em anywhere but for some reason nobody ever created an Ubuntu Theme. I also found a wonderful OSX Theme and I used it for a bit but then I really felt the need to feel at Home :)

Download them, use them and share them!

Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

You can download these themes from here

At the moment these themes has yet to be approved by administrators, but they will soon. Just search for them in the site, you just have to look for Ubuntu. I realized an Ubuntu Feisty Theme with the logo on the centre and another one without the logo, called UbuntuFeistyNL (No Logo). You can choose which one you prefer but please vote for it, download it, bookmark it, I mean, make it famous so that a lot of people will share it around the world :)

I think I made a nice work ;D