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The damned, freaky, beloved Gimp…

Gimp Splash screen

So, where does all of this start from? The user Raja (thanks for posting :D ) posted an interesting and stimulating comment on the Painting Programs for Linux article. I decided to answer this post and argument it. The post was:

Obviously you are a regular photoshop user and find the gimp’s layout difficult to get used to. But that doesnt make it difficult to manage for everyone. I have been using Gimp regularly and cant find my way around with photoshop. For those preferring the photoshop layout, there is gimpshop which you may want to try. I just feel this post is unfair about gimp with nothing concrete to back your opinion that gimp is less powerful than photoshop (apart from CMYK support, but seriously, how many of us need it in daily life?)

My answer was a really loooong post and now it became this article. It is a better choice to write an entire article about it, since it is a very hot argument for me! Hot, meaning that I always am in need of good graphic tools and that I always follow the Free Software panorama in itself! :D


Avant Window Navigator: a Bazar of new funcionalityes!

Well, before I start this review, you sure know AWN, do you?

Since AWN moved to Bazaar, it started having a bunch of new outstanding funcionalityes. A lot of bugs have been solved and a lot of new bugs appeared. I’m bug hunting a great number of bugs there in Launchpad, you should download this wonderful dock for Linux and try bughunting yourself as many bugs as you can! Sure the developers will fix them out if they’re pointed out by users. (more…)

Wubi, will say Goobye to Microsoft? Not really…

Well, the title kinda says it all if someone already knows this news… what are we talking about, you may ask instead? I’ll explain.


Lately there has been a pair of new strange softwares for Windows XP, very strange and unusual softwares indeed…. the first to appear has been Wubi and it was an incredible new to me. I tryed it on one of my friend’s PC with windows, call him Ciro. Ciro was afraid of partitioning the windows (NTFS) partition, because he basically knows almost nothing about informatics and he thought that the windows partition may have been erased or that the PC would have runt slower ( O_o !!!!!). Yes, really. Useless to explain him it was impossible, you know how this things work, I believe.

Now, Ciro did like my beryl effects on Ubuntu Feisty and his brother was on the way to destroy the entire HD and install Ubuntu just to have Beryl and to say goodbye to DRMs (One of his friends copyed him a number of MP3s with DRM and he was shocked that his PC was unable to play ’em… of course I told him, they belong to your friend! You can’t exchange a drm protected mp3 without cracking it… and on and on with the lesson… :( ….)

So I told the 2 brothers about Wubi, I just discovered it and tried it out on my virtual machine with a licensed winXP on it. They where enthusiast. Why is that? What does Wubi do?

1) It is a program installable in XP. You run it, tell him how much hard disk space to use, which language, which username and pass to use and which ubuntu distribution to use and it downloads Ubuntu and sets it up for you (You can also give Wubi a predownloaded iso file if you prefer or have no connection on the PC you’re installing Ubuntu into, and that was my case, but you’ll need the alternate iso). (more…)

How to use Photoshop plugins in Linux with The Gimp and PSPI

Well, we all know that one of the biggest lacks of The Gimp is that it misses a good number of plugins. Photoshop is the one software that everyone loves and use when they have to apply any sort of mutation / transformation to its images, or when it has to create oustanding new graphics with the help of well projected plugins. For photoshop there are hundreds of plugins around.

Is this a problem for the Gimp then? Not at all. Many of you may not know it but The Gimp supports a large number of photoshop plugins, both in the Windows version and in the Linux version, thanks to this wonderful tool called PSPI. Now let’s see how to use it and what we can do with our new toy. Paying nothing, of course…. (more…)

Review of Ubuntu Feisty on a Macbook published by FullCircle Magazine Issue n.3!!!

Full Circle Magazine number 3

Wow! looks like my reviews are really appreciated!! :D

I’m always proud of beying able to contribute in some way to the cause of Free Software and so this really makes me enthusiast!

On my previous post I presented you my review of Ubuntu Feisty on a Mac Book and I also wrote that I hoped this review, presented to the Full Circle Magazine, would have been published in issue number 3 or 4… and so it has been! Issue no 3 of Full Circle Magazine published my review! Now, this is the second Review of mine that they publish! The first one was Ubuntu Feisty on an Intel Mac Mini, published in Issue number 2!

Well, I can’t tell you how much am I happy! Maybe I’m not a developer of software and I cannot code but it really looks like I can contribute to the cause in others ways! ;D

Download Full Circle Magazine number 3 and read it now!! It’s worth it.

MacBook and Ubuntu Feisty review

Macbook with Ubuntu

Are you planning to buy a new laptop? You don’t know what to choose? Lately there has been a lot of talking about the Darter, a nice and interesting laptop shipped with Ubuntu installed, if you wish, but… is it worthy the expense? Isn’t it better to choose something else, for example a Dell with Ubuntu pre-installed?

Well, this review is about another choice you would have to consider: buying a MacBook. It makes a lot of sense to do it and probably it is the best choice you could ever make! Everything will work with opensource drivers and it will work really great… the price is affordable and you won’t find another laptop so good and so much compatible with Ubuntu at this price but…. you’d better read my Review now!

I already sent it to the Full Circle Magazine and I hope it will be present in issue n3 or n4 but in the meanwhile you can download it from HERE. It is an .odt file and it is not formatted with any particular standard… for example, you’ll see a table crossed from a page to another and other horrible things like this but that’s not the point. Since it is created for Full Circle Magazine they’ll format it as they wish and use the contents in Scribus… and about you… you’ll just whant to read and analyse it so have a good download, reading and think about it! I really think that today a MacBook is the best choice around for an Ubuntu Feisty Laptop!! :D