IPhone affossato: viva l’Italia, come al solito…

Questo post per ovvie ragioni sarà in Italiano, visto che si parla dell’Iphone in Italia. Io avrei voluto comprarlo, le capacità internet di Iphone sono pazzesche, pensate che il traffico internet generato da IPhone in tutto il mondo supera quello di qualunque altro sitema operativo mobile, compreso lo schifoso ed inutilizzabile Windows Mobile. Addirittura, se paragonato a tutti i sistemi operativi esistenti, l’OSX di Iphone è al quarto posto, dopo WIndows, Mac e Linux. Una cosa mostruosa insomma.


How to create / manipulate a .deb file of a compiled application

Debian package

First of all, as I mentioned in the title, this post is about how to create or manipulate deb files of an already compiled application. In this topic I’m not going to explain you how to create a deb starting from source code :)

I’ll try to give you every possible indication in this article, if you miss some information but find the article interesting, please comment and ask me how to make things I failed to explain.

Not going to tell you what a .deb file is and what it is for, but you should really know that a deb is just a common archive in an .ar format, camouflaged with another name. So, right clicking on the deb file and choosing to open it with a common compressed files manager (such as file roller in gnome and OpenGEU) will work and show you the contents of the file. Now, you can modify an already existent deb file or create one from scratch. Should you prefer the second option, don’t be scared, it really is a simple task.


Leonardo’s and Ulteo’s Logos…

I think you all know of the interesting Linux Distribution Ulteo, crated by the Mandrake Linux creator Gael Duval (who has been fired some years ago by the Mandriva Corporation, started and created by himself…)
some years ago.. well, here’s the Ulteo Logo:

ulteo logo

Now, I used to have an email account in http://www.email.it and to have access to is I now have to log to leonardo.it but, hey, what a surprise… look at their logo:

Uhm…. do you notice any similarity at all? C’mon Luca, you’ll say, you’re too malicious… am I?

Opens the OpenGEU Blog

I delayed this new quite a bit but here it is, in the end the OpenGEU Blog. What is it? Quoting the site itself,

a new place were you will find a lot of news, articles, guides, rumors and a lot of interesting and cool informations, media, videos and other things about the E17, Gnome and OpenGEU world!

Visit it often, we’ll try to keep the Blog as much updated as possible. See the Legal page for informations about pictures, marks and media contained in this site.

I hope someone will help me mantaining it with fresh news, I’ll do what I can about it but the idea should be that of posting ever more interesting news about not only OpenGEU but the entire Enlightenment DR17 world :)

In reality, it is online since a lot of time now but I couldn’t update it, so I decided not to spread the news ;)

Hope you’ll enjoy it.

Opens MyPaint’s Website :)

Hallo everyone, this is the new MyPaint Website created and managed by me :)

MyPaint Home

There’s not much webdesign here, I just developed the header and header Picture, the rest of the theme is a wonderful RockingSuckerfish theme by  Rocking themes.

To what’s so special with this application, just download and try it. It finally gives us some hopes in the Painting Simulation Scenary for Linux and OpenSource in general. I love ArtRage for example but I don’t use it much because even if it is cheap, it is always proprietary so it is more a matter of ethics than anything else… then ArtRage needs Wine to run properly in linux since it is a Windows application… sure, myPaint is not yet at the high level of ArtRage but at least it is opensource and it is exactly yo make it become better and better in less time that I’m trying to push for its adoption and use :)

So please download it, use it and support it in any way!!! Visit the forums, donate to the project, money, code anything. The prospective of having a finally nice looking and working Painting Apllication for Linux is really too much to be ignored.

TaekwondoPavia.net and freewordpress.it

What to say? To make it short, I had to design a new taekwondopavia.net website again. The first version was hosted on an Aruba.it server, then I moved to freewordpress.it, supposing that a web 2.0 change would have been something new, great and stable to carry on the website of my taekwondo team but… I was wrong. I had to create an entire new website and design, here it is:

The new http://www.taekwondopavia.net website, again…

For no reason at all, at least no reason I can understand, one day the taekwondopavia.freewordpress.it website disappeared! Instead, an error message was displayed, warning people that the subscriptions for new users were closed! What? Who the hell cares about it and were the heck is my beloved website?! I sent them something like 4 mails. No answers at all.